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penulis blog ini diberi nama Mohd Emir Arif Bin Mazlan. Call me Frankie Artiello. Born on 8th of September 1993 di hospital tawakal(titiwangsa). dia minat pada music & warna hijau ahakzz. He is currently single and not available . nak kenal lebih rapat? serious lah ni? kau ingat aku pelacur ke? hahahahahahaha :D have a good time reading! !!!|B^D'

this feelings.i kinda like it.

you guys want to know what is this feeling about?okay i'll tell you guys..this feeling is about my life right now..i am now feeling good and i have forgotten i'm looking for a new all my friends said,"bunga bukan sekuntum,kumbang bukan seekor"..but im not pointing for the pointing for the flower..dear flowers out there..if you think you're suitable enough for me..please let me know..i am hoping for a real one this time..well you guys know i hate hypocrite,liar,unfaithful person,cheater and a whore kind of you doesnt have all that things in my can come to me..i am not selling my self..i just telling you guys that i am ready for a new know why?it is because of this one girl..she have the same problem with me..she was the one who make me realize that the world is going doesnt wait for anybody..she dont say it that way..but i simplify it until it became simpler as that..understand?no?then padan muka.!!haha..thanks to my friends,my girl friends,my brother,and lastly my brothers friends told me to listen to the "lagenda budak setan" soundtrack..the song was so sad until it makes my tears came out from my eyes..SERIOUSLY!!still don't believe it?fuck you lahh..i'm trying to improve my,don't dare to comment me on what im doing right now..!!understand?fine..let's the person i used to love..don't accuse people on what happen to you..i'ts your fault..your the one who's giving the excuses...even the teacher told me that the excuse was so last year..yeahh..!!for your information,i'm not mad at cool..a lil' frustrated..but still cool..yeah maybe after 6 horrible days of losing you in my mind..but now,you are not in my mind anymore..thank you for your love all this while..i really appreciate it..and i dont mind all the things that i have give to for ever.FULL STOP.

p/s : semua perkara yang buruk tentang ciri-ciri wanita itu bukan ada pada awak..sila jangan ambil hati..TQ

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