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penulis blog ini diberi nama Mohd Emir Arif Bin Mazlan. Call me Frankie Artiello. Born on 8th of September 1993 di hospital tawakal(titiwangsa). dia minat pada music & warna hijau ahakzz. He is currently single and not available . nak kenal lebih rapat? serious lah ni? kau ingat aku pelacur ke? hahahahahahaha :D have a good time reading! !!!|B^D'

i have a heart . but it's completely empty and had many scars

i had a crush on this particular girl . she's not very of what all men aim for . but she had what i want . the package of regular and unwanted girl . oh it's great . at my first thought . she were the same as i thought she would be . but i'm totally wrong . she often hangs around men and men loves to hang around her . so now i know . all girl of this era , are not the same as last days . eventhough they're not very pretty and look very unwanted by men . but they know how to get along guys all 24/7 . now i know the value of girls . they're easy melt heart can felt for any guys that put some romantic and sweet lines to seduce them . HaHaHa . now i know how hard to get a good girl that don't easy break a guy's heart .

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