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penulis blog ini diberi nama Mohd Emir Arif Bin Mazlan. Call me Frankie Artiello. Born on 8th of September 1993 di hospital tawakal(titiwangsa). dia minat pada music & warna hijau ahakzz. He is currently single and not available . nak kenal lebih rapat? serious lah ni? kau ingat aku pelacur ke? hahahahahahaha :D have a good time reading! !!!|B^D'

teramat-lah Happy!

since 11.4.2011 until now,i felt so happy with her.. hmm.. i dont know what else to say here.. she makes me insane when she ask me to entertain her every single night.. kiss me,hug me.. womaigosh! i love you so much aina !

you're like a shining stars that brighten up my life,you're like an angel that give me hope to live happy again,and you're like a wonder woman that save me from sorrow.. i love you so freakin' much nurul aina ! 

even though you're far from me,i never felt that,not to be rude but.. she gave me a hell of a sick fucking love <3 she would cry for me,starve for me.. awhh! i miss you right now girl ! don't ever leave me.. i hope you're the one

last words, I love you Nurul Aina ! <3

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