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penulis blog ini diberi nama Mohd Emir Arif Bin Mazlan. Call me Frankie Artiello. Born on 8th of September 1993 di hospital tawakal(titiwangsa). dia minat pada music & warna hijau ahakzz. He is currently single and not available . nak kenal lebih rapat? serious lah ni? kau ingat aku pelacur ke? hahahahahahaha :D have a good time reading! !!!|B^D'

dunia ni bukan macam iklan adidas(nothing is impossible)

bukan senang nak mengubah apa yang telah dibuat pada masa dulu..melainkan kalau ada time machine..kalau nak berubah sekalipun,it takes time and courage..i have the courage,but i don't have the can't expect people can change just in a blink of an gonna takes a long time and things to change your attitude..i know it's easy to say,nothing is impossible..but can YOU do it?i dont think you can even manage your own life yet..don't judge the book by it's cover,i'm bad only from the outside..but from the inside..i still have heart and feeling and also dignity..who in the world wanna get labelled as a bad person?can you answer me this?if you can,show me,let me tell you this,if YOU think you can change me in a few moments..let me know..don't just talk to me like i didn't even tought of changing my life..i wanna be good as you all,many friends,many people likes you..but still,i cant do that..people hates me..i dont know why..maybe it's because of my behavior,but you dont know that i am now changing..with my life like this,i'm still trying to change.. so,if YOU'RE ready to change me..i give my number to you(0175092605),or meet me personal at anytime,any place or anywhere..this is the end of my story..chow!

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