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penulis blog ini diberi nama Mohd Emir Arif Bin Mazlan. Call me Frankie Artiello. Born on 8th of September 1993 di hospital tawakal(titiwangsa). dia minat pada music & warna hijau ahakzz. He is currently single and not available . nak kenal lebih rapat? serious lah ni? kau ingat aku pelacur ke? hahahahahahaha :D have a good time reading! !!!|B^D'

back to my solo life

it's not that i like to become single again . but this time for sure it's a relief . i can't stand to get along with her anymore . not that i hate to be with her,it's just i can't be in love with her . it's a burden when i'm in a relationship with my ex's . fuuhhhh "-,- lega hati mak nok

lepas ni,no more hanky-panky when it comes to searching for a girlfriend . bukan masa yang kita perlukan,tapi keperluan kita dari wanita itu yang amat kita perlukan . she had to have something we want so that we would not leave her and hurt her feelings .

now i'm going to focus on my life . final exam is just around the corner . no more playing emir ! you have to make sure that you going to get 4 flat ! hey,what the hell,lecturers love me . they love whenever i present my works . they said i'm creative and energetic . wow ! amazing comment huhh ? okay that's all for today i think . harharhar ! buhbye !

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